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Christmas Club

Ho ho ho – a shopping you will go!

Saving for the holidays is easy when you have a Christmas Club Account from Brokaw Credit Union. Simply open your account, make regular deposits (either in person or automatically through payroll deduction), and watch your balance grow. You’ll be surprised how quickly you’ll have enough holiday cash for gifts, gatherings, trips and more!

  • $5 per payday = $130
  • $10 per payday = $260
  • $25 per payday = $650
  • $50 per payday = $1,300

*Based on biweekly payments for one year.

Christmas Club funds are available for withdrawal without penalty each year during the month of October.


Applying is Easy

Enjoy the holidays without the worrying about how you’ll afford them. Fill out our quick and easy online account application, stop by our office or call us at 715-359-7012 and let the savings begin!