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If you’re in need of cash, visit one of our ATMs. You’ll be able to obtain cash, transfer money between accounts, or check on your account balance. Transactions on these machines are surcharge free for members using their BCU Visa Check Card or Visa credit card:



BCU Drive-up

2006 Schofield Avenue
Weston, WI


Wiggly Field (Sports Bar)

2205 Schofield Avenue
Weston, WI



ATM Tips

Protecting Your VISA Check Card

  • Keep your card in a safe place, away from prying eyes, and where it won't bend or scratch.
  • Memorize your Personal Identification Number (PIN). Never write down your PIN down on anything in your wallet or on the card itself.
  • Keep your PIN private. When selecting a PIN, avoid numbers and letters that can be easily identified with you. For example, don't use your initials, birthday, telephone or Social Security number.
  • Report a lost or stolen card to 1-800-472-3272, or to BCU immediately.
  • Keep your ATM receipts until you check them against your monthly statement. It's a good way to guard against fraud and makes record-keeping easier.

Common Sense Usage Tips

  • Observe your surroundings before using an ATM. If the machine is obstructed from view or poorly lit, go to another ATM.
  • Take along a friend, if possible, especially at night.
  • Have your card ready. Don't fumble through your wallet trying to find it.
  • Shield the screen and keyboard so anyone waiting to use the ATM cannot see you enter your PIN or transaction amount.
  • Put your cash, card, and receipt away immediately. Always take your receipt with you.
  • If you see anyone or anything suspicious, cancel your transaction and leave immediately. If anyone follows you after making a transaction, go to a crowded, well-lit area and call the police.
  • If you are using an enclosed ATM that requires your card to open the door, avoid letting anyone come in with you that you do not know.
  • If you are using a drive-up ATM, make sure all car doors are locked and windows are rolled up, except the one window you are using.
  • Do not leave your car unlocked or the engine running when you get out to use an ATM.
  • While many ATMs are available 24 hours a day, some may be open only during local business hours. To be on the safe side, plan your withdrawals ahead of time.

Tips When Traveling Abroad

  • ATMs may save you money because withdrawals (dispensed in local currency) are debited from your account in U.S. dollars based on a favorable exchange rate.
  • Some international ATMs are available only during normal business hours, and hours vary from country to country.
  • Most international ATMs do not permit transactions involving multiple accounts, so your transaction will be routed to your primary account.