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New ATM in Brokaw

New ATM in Brokaw

Hurray! We're excited the new Brokaw office ATM has arrived! It is up and running, so when you're on the north end, you're invited to come and check it out!

Save Money Each Month: Refinance Your House

Save Money Each Month: Refinance Your House

You might be one of roughly 6.5 million Americans who could benefit from refinancing your home according to the Mortgage Monitor Report from Black Knight Financial Services.

About three million borrowers could save at least $200 a month by refinancing. By refinancing and locking in a better rate on your loan, you could reduce your monthly payment and save thousands of dollars in interest on the life of your mortgage. A lower interest rate also could allow you to build equity in your home more quickly.

If you're considering refinancing, BCU will run a copy of your credit report, and will need to obtain other items such as:

  • Copies of previous two years' W-2 forms;
  • Copy of two most-recent pay stubs;
  • Three months' worth of the most recent statements for checking and savings accounts;
  • Copy of title insurance policy;
  • Copy of current homeowners insurance policy;
  • Copy of survey done for your last closing if available;
  • The cost of appraisal and credit report; and
  • Social Security numbers of all applicants.

When you refinance, you close your existing mortgage and create a new one. The approval process to refinance is similar to the process of obtaining your original loan. The specialists at BCU will consider your income and debt, credit score, and other factors affecting your financial situation.

Your new interest rate will be based primarily on your down payment and credit score. When considering a refinance, you also want to understand your break-even point: Weigh the costs of refinancing against how much you’ll save each month to know when you will recoup costs over the length of your new loan.

Call Cheryl, our home loan specialist at

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How to Strike a Deal on a Used Car

How to Strike a Deal on a Used Car

You've found the car of your dreams, and it's time to strike the deal. Dealers and some private sellers have a lot of experience negotiating, but you likely don't. Arm yourself!

Before you negotiate:

  1. Determine what a fair price for the vehicle might be: Look at used-car pricing guides such as, Kelley Blue Book (, and NADA (National Automobile Dealers Association) Appraisal Guides (
  2. Have sufficient cash or make financing arrangements with your credit union ahead of time.
  3. Calculate how much you can afford based on your budget. Decide to walk out if the seller exceeds your limit.
  4. Have an expert check out the car, even if you have to pay for an inspection. Organize your notes from:
  • The expert
  • Your test-drive
  • The car's history and maintenance.
  1. Ask an experienced car owner to go with you. Agree that if this person says you should leave, you leave.

What else?

  • Only agree to negotiate with a person with whom you feel comfortable;
  • Look at it as a business transaction;
  • Be prepared to spend at least an hour negotiating.

Decide ahead of time that you'll leave if you get tired or hungry. Your hunger and fatigue are power chips for the seller.

Your power chips are endurance and a willingness to walk.

Are you ready? Let the negotiations begin!

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